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New monitor and amp

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Looking for recommendations for good mid-level amp and speakers. We had an electrical fire in the back house where I have my studio. Luckily not much damage, it was contained, but there was serious smoke and some things got really well smoked. But they put everything in an ozone chamber to get rid of the smell, and they are saying my amp and speakers still stink, so they will probably count them as a total loss. So yippee I get new stuff, but boo because I've had that amp and speakers for about 30 years and am sooooo... used to them.


The amp was just a home stereo amp, a Denon 20 W, but very nice warm pleasing sound with good depth and richness. The speakers were Tannoys that I got after a few years with NS10Ms that just hurt too much to listen to.


What would you recommend? I'm all over the lot with what I do. Mostly songwriting, soul/funk/old style muscle shoals stuff, and some scoring work as well, from straight orchestral to the usual Zimmer-ish stuff.



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