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MOTU Midi Express 128 issues.

Peter Project

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Hey gang.


So I'm having some ongoing issues with my MOTU midi express 128. I actually "downgraded" from the Midi Time piece USB AV as it was having similar issues. I mainly use it as an interface to send MTC to a protools rig I run alongside Logic.


Every time I restart my computer, my Motu goes offline (sort of)

The power lights up, and it will show up in my Audio Midi setup, and it will show up in my logic session. But it wont send or receive Midi data. Sometimes, it will be greyed out in the MTC tab under settings/sync.


The weird convoluted way of getting it back online is

1-unplug it.

2-Delete instance in my Audio Midi setup

3-Plug it back in

4-go into logic, and toggle the Midi time code drop down menu back and forth till it eventually pops back online and starts sending MTC.


I don't know which single event getting it to work, but in this order, it seems to pop online eventually.

As I mentioned, I was having similar issues with a Midi Time Piece which I eventually gave up on. I thought maybe there's a preference file somewhere I could trash, but I can't find anything. Motu is supposed to have rock solid drivers.


Any help on this would be amazing!





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