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EQ plugin that you can draw shapes?

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Hi, My fellow composers here in LA use Waves PAZ anaylizer a lot for mixing, but we always say.... "I wish there was an EQ where we could DRAW any shape freeform across the spectrum... the LOOK of an EQ curve we are after". (Kick drum... complete mix etc)

Is there any EQ out there something like this?

In PAZ we try to create a nice slope across without holes or peaks. Am I clear with this explanation? :)

I sent the guys from Sound Radix a request...



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There's a few and I used to be into that stuff, but SplineEQ beats them all.


It's a little different, since it's spline-based, but the control you get is unreal and it sounds great.


If you want it to sound great, it's not about "drawing in the shape you want". You'll be better off with a Match EQ for that. With the extreme, freeform stuff, it's all about resonant peaks and surgical dips. You have to use your ears more than ever and you definitely have to bust it out on 80% of your tracks if you want a decent end result. It's kind of like pushing down a peg and have 5 more pop up.

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