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Making an aggregate device

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I want to combine my two audio interfaces so I can make my number of inputs bigger. I have a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 running over firewire 400 and a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB running over USB. In the Pro 40 there are 8 inputs and in the Saffire 6, 2 inputs. I made an aggregate device on my Macbook Pro, but when I open Logic Pro and choose the aggregate device I get a number of over 20 inputs. In the configuration of the aggregate device there are some options I don't know what stands for. In the option "clock" there are some things that can be changed; SPDIF, SPDIF-OPT, ADAT and Internal.


The only thing I am looking for, is a way to get this working; get a number of ten inputs, just with plugging in the Pro 40 with firewire cable and the Saffire 6 with the USB cable. I checked the inputs in Logic, but there wasn't any signal from the Saffire 6 USB.


I attached a picture so you can see it. Don't think about the language, I'm from Denmark. Hope some of you might know what to do.

Thank you!





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If my system is clocked with an external clock would I then select external with this set-up? trying to do the same thing with a Fireface 800 and an Apogee MiniDac. entire system is clocked externally with a Black Lion Audio Word Clock... many thanks.....
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