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How to copy multi-mappings between patches in MS2


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When you copy a channel strip to another patch, all of its mappings get copied too, as long as they do not override existing mappings.

Isn't this possible with multi-mappings addressing various channel strips?


I have a patch that has a layered sound made of two instruments/channel strips.

I mapped one parameter of each of those instruments to one single screen controller, to be able to tweak both params with one knob.


Now I want to copy both strips and all their mappings to another patch (let it be a real copy or an alias).


What happens is that only the mappings addressing the first instrument are copied to the new patch.

The mappings for the second instrument are lost.

The same happens when you copy and insert the entire patch.


One way to get around this may be to apply multi-mappings on set or concert level, so I don't have to copy them.


Best regards, Johannes


EDIT: I'm on MS 2.2.2

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Did you try the same thing with a whole new concert? Sometimes Mainstage has some bugs, which only can be solved by creating an empty concert.


As fas as I remember, for me this was working...

I did assign two channelstrip volumes to one screen control fader. When I copied this to another patch, the assignment was still there...

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