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Drummer Region Conversions


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So, I can't find any other posts on this specific issue and am not aware of anyone else suffering from the effects. If you have I would appreciate your help.


What it is, is I've created a pretty standard drummer region which closely resembles what I'm after. I've then converted it to midi to have a little play around and get it sounding right. Here's where the problems start. If I convert that region back to a drummer region, I lose all my hard work, and equally annoying is that for some reason I am unable to change the drum kit or drummer on that specific region.


I am vexed and fed up!


Please help!

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LPX has always behaved the way you describe. I believe the function is misnamed: it should be "go back to original Drummer region" or somethinng like that.


Ok, are you aware of any workarounds? It's immensely frustrating spending copious amounts of time editing in midi, only to find that you can't actually convert your midi region back into drummer region where you can change the drum sound etc. Also, surely the point of midi is to be able to trigger the sounds you want? I can't find a way to change drum sounds in midi though.


Any thoughts/comments? Otherwise are you aware of any good LXP tutorials?



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