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Working with mulitple tracks in a bus (mixdown)

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Hiya Guys


I was just wondering if you could help me out with something thats been on my mind fo a while? One of my production partners said I would get a better sound by doing the following:


When I produce I tend to route my drums into Kick/Snare/Clap into one Bus and the other Precussion sounds into another Bus. I then send both those busses to separate busses which have my compressor of choice in (i.e parallel compression)


Once I have the mix I want I then bounce down each separate track indiviaully keeping the routing through the busses.This helps when i have effects on the tracks like delays etc as i find when i bounce mulitple tracks with effects Logic sometimes bounces the track incorrectly.


I was wondering if this is a good approach as in my mind i keep thinking if I have a compressor working on a bus fed by several tracks it would be triggered by the sum of the tracks. So If I bounce each track individually with the same routing I won't get the same result as the compressor will react to one track only.


Hope you can help


Thanks Greg

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Thanks for getting back to me Eric


Would another way be to bounce the individual tracks up to the first bus (where there is no compression) so to capture any effects I've used in the individual tracks. Then once all the parts have been bounced, to then do a final bounce with them all going through the compressor (the parallel compression bus)?

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