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Move Logic 9 to External Drive for Multiple Computers


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[EDIT: Here's how to move ALMOST ALL Logic 9 Stuff...]

I'm looking for advice on moving ALL my Logic-9 data & settings & plugins to an external HDD, so I can seamlessly move between two different computers: a laptop with OSx10.6.8 + Logic 9.1.7 and a desktop with OSx10.8.5 + Logic 9.1.8 (different Logic versions because different OSx’s?). I researched and learned plenty but found nothing consolidated into one thread. Blending various --sometimes contradictory-- instructions, I moved a lot & all works so far, but I wonder if I’ve moved too much or not enough. I took 8+ hours (very methodically) to get this to work, but had I found this already written-up, I would have taken only a couple hours. :idea: I hope my experience might help others (if I’m over-posting I apologize).


Both computers are running Logic 9 , with software instruments: Addictive Drums 1.5.2, Kontakt 5.0.1 + Mojo Horns, and Bass Station 1.6.0. , as well as the plugin effects: iZotope Nectar 1.1.4, Ozone 5.0.4., Insight 1.02, Alloy 2.0.2, Focusrite Plugin Suite, Midnight Plugin Suite. Before starting the move I opened Logic on each computer and did the “Download Additional Content” to download everything available; funny thing is… the laptop ended up with 102 [Apple Loops or Garageband?] files while the desktop came out with 104. Also, I had to unhide my “User/Library” folder which Mountain Lion hides, using one of the methods described in other postings.


Here’s a step-by-step of what I did so far:

1) Save every project’s assets (audio, etc) within its project folder.

2) Copy the “EXS Factory Samples” folder from Laptop HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/ to the ExternalHDD. I created a symlink of this folder, and put the symlink back in the original Laptop HD/Library/Application Support/Logic/ folder, so Logic will be pointed to the ExternalHDD. I renamed the original folder in the laptop to “EXS Factory Samples MOVED” rather than deleting it (until I’m sure it’s totally safe). I renamed the newly-created “EXS Factory Samples symlink” to “EXS Factory Samples” so Logic will think it is the original folder. I followed this same symlink-&-rename method for all the rest of my transfers that followed.

3) Move the “Sampler Files” folder from Laptop HD/Library/Application Support/Garageband/Instrument Library/Sampler , to ExternalHDD.

4) Transfer “Logic” folder with all my Logic projects from Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home/Music/ to ExternalHDD.

5) Transfer “iZotope” folder from Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home/Documents/ to ExternalHDD (this has all my presets for Alloy & Ozone), transfer “iZotope Nectar” from the same location. I also transferred the folder where I kept all my audio/midi interface & controller settings.

6) Transfer “Apple Loops” folder, “Presets” folder, and “MIDI Configurations” from Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home /Documents/Audio/ to ExternalHDD. Remember that all these are done using the same symlink-rename method for safety purposes.

7) I was afraid there may be bad consequences to transferring the entire “Logic” folder from Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home /Library/Application Support/ , so I instead transferred INDIVIDUALLY each settings-folder within Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home /Library/Application Support/Logic/ (“Channel Strip Settings”, “Chord Grids”, “Data Management Settings”, “Key Commands”, “Plug-in Settings”, “Project Templates”, “Sampler Instruments”, “Temp”, “Undo”). BTW, some of these folders did not exist on the desktop computer yet.

8)Now connect the ExternalHDD to the desktop computer and copy all the same symlinks that were created that ExternalHDD, and paste them each into their respective places on the desktop computer. Use the same symlink-rename method just-in-case. In some cases I had to create folders that did not yet exist. 9) Trash the no-longer-necessary symlinks that are still on the ExternalHDD.


Although I consolidated lots for this write-up, DO ALL THESE STEP-BY-STEP, TESTING THAT EVERYTHING WORKS AT EACH STEP.


Question: Should I also transfer some other folders from Laptop HD/Users/My User-Home /Library/ Application Support/? In there lie more folders called Addictive Drums, iZotope, Focusrite-SaffirePro24DSP, Native Instruments, Novation, "LogicLoopmasters sample library", etc. that I wonder about, because the appear to include settings files as well as data files. Perhaps just copy paste some of these settings from one computer to the other? All suggestions & experiences appreciated!


-Chris Jones :shock:

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Sometimes I look so deep I don't see the surface!

(Actually I keep these computers off-internet & often I fear upgrades may cause unnecessary headaches... happened before!)

I just did the 9.1.8 upgrade & no problem! Thank you triplets!

Chris Jones :shock:

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  • 1 year later...

So i'm moving all my Garageband projects, Garageband loops, Logic projects and loops from a late 2006

24inch iMac running OSX Lion running lion 10.7.5. All will be moving to a new late 2015 27inch 5K iMac .


Looking at the process described above, i'm hoping the someone has found a simpler way to accomplish

the process. I'm all ears.

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