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Midi channels for 2 Multi Instruments (Multiple Outs)


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I am setting up both Omnisphere and Stylus RMX in a Logic X custom template and I have questions about handling the multi output assignments.


I have 8 channels of Omnisphere routed thru midi channels 1-8 with a Master track set to all midi channels.


Now, I have set up Stylus RMX and routed it's 8 channels to midi channels 9-16

The Master track is also set to all.


Have I done this correctly?


Thanks for any help you can provide!



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Hello again, Eric! Thanks for your response. I am wondering of I am misguided in my setting up the multi instruments as multi outs.


The reason I am doing that is do that I can automate each track separately and/or use separate sends for reverb and delay on specific tracks.

I am self-taught as far as recording & engineering go so if you see that I am in error here please feel free to tell me!


How;s winter in Sweden?" We are freezing here tonight in Connecticut, USA!

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