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Recreating a sound

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Hello all,


I've been trying (for months) to figure out how to recreate a sound I heard in a song, but to no avail. It's like I can't figure out what the exact (or close enough) base instrument is, so I can't go about figuring out how to even manipulate it in LPX to get that same sound.


A sample of the sound in question can be found in Jamie Foxx - Blame It (the particular sound starts at :09 and it plays a few more times throughout, but I think it's most clearly heard in the beginning). It sounds like sort of a Vibes-ish sound pitched up and then back down smoothly a la Flex Pitch, but I haven't been able to recreate it for those reasons listed above.


If anyone can help, that'd be fantastic as it's holding me up from completing a project of mine. Thanks in advance for any assistance possible!

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This is made by a synthesizer, and using pitch bend or programming to bend it an octave up and then down again. Try messing around with stacking different pulse waves having their pitch modulated by a lfo for the vibrato effect (or use an input fx for this, whatever you can do to make the vibrato) and run it through a LP-filter with some resonance added. And go from there!
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