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Problem with midi drums


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Hi guys,


I have a bit of a problem with recording in Logic Pro X when it comes to e-drums.

I hooked up Roland TD4 with midi cable to my saffire pro 40 interface and added a virtual instrument track with drum kit selected in it (no external plugins, just logic's finest).


Snare, toms, and bass drum, seems to work fine, but there is something wrong with cymbals. There is some werid mixup/latency/no-response behavior.

For example hihat loses half of notes i hit, and sometimes plays a note o two with ~500ms delay. Crash and ride have 2 triggers each, crash has non-working edge trigger and rides works with delay same as hihat. Top triggers loses notes aswell.

Not working triggers may be due to wrong midi mapping and i believe it has been covered in this forum.

It is the latency and lost notes that grind my gears.


I do not think it's about adjusting pads sensivity because sometimes they pick up lightest touch and logic still manage to lose half of what i play.


Roland module itself works fine. It also is not a drums/interface problem, because I already tried another gear (KAT KT2 connected via USB, and later with midi-saffire, both failed in the same way) and it showed similar symptoms (lost notes, latency).


Here is a video of some dude playing this kit but with other software.

This is what makes me think it's a logic problem.



All help appreciated,


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Thanks for replying,


I'm fairly new to Roland (same with Logic as it turns out) and to be honest I have no idea what you are writing about :)

Drum kit in software instrument track is completely default, nothing added or removed.

Could you please describe where are those extended parameters and plugin ?

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Doing what Eric mentions above should fix your issue. I also have a Roland kit and can attest to it acting strangely when trying to trigger Drum Kit Designer in Logic while it's in General MIDI mode (which is what the default is). If that doesn't solve your issue, I'd highly recommend doing a Factory Reset of your TD4 to make sure all the trigger/MIDI settings are at default. This is what Vdrums setting of Drum Kit Designer expects.
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