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Stutter style effect


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How do I do it to a vocal?


Is there a plugin to do it?


Or do I seem to remember reading about side-chaining a hi hat pattern to a gate across the vocal to acheive a rhythmic effect on the vox?


Anyone shed some light on this?

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There are many ways to do it depending on the desired effect.


You can grab the beginning of a consonant with the marquee and drag it onto another track for example, and loop it. That's what Vincent Di Pasquale demonstrates in his video: http://logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=10358.


You can also slice the vocal (Option-scissors) and then resize all the slices to create little blank portions between them.


You can also use MIDI Gator or a Noise Gate sidechained with a Klopfgeist for example, to program a MIDI pattern that will trigger the vocals.

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When you use midi (EXS24 sampler or whatever)


Open hyper edit (command 5), on top you see "VOLUME".

Now draw with the pencil any kind of volume cut as you wish.

Pen down volume cut, pen up volume open.

Use the volume parameters at the left side to set the grid and Pen Width for quantizing or finetuning.

Also use the delay if it's not tight enough.


All this you can copy to any other midi region.

Many people know this as trancegating.

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Most people I know who do stutter edits (including me) do it the long way by slicing up the individual audio files and arranging them manually. There's a video of a BT presentation at an SAE convention where he demonstrates this quite well with Logic. You can usually find it floating around the internet somewhere.
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