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Cursor Bug anyone?


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When using the cursor to switch back to a certain position in the song, either while its playing or not, sometimes it works, sometimes the song just keeps playing on, no reaction. I have to click 2 even 3 times to get the song to the new position. I seem to irritate logic that way, it doesnt feel stable at all.


Also when i click on lets say bar 23 in the song (if it works, the new playingposition is now bar 23)

now i record from bar 23, if the track is no good I used ENTER to simply go back again to bar 23 (whithout setting a locator) and record again from there, with logic x it seldom works. sometimes i can click on enter over and over again it wont do anything... the song just keeps on playing.


Now is this a Key Command issue?


I never had any problem working that way in older logic programs. Anyone having the same problems?



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And this is happening in what exact version of Logic?


Please, click this link to your signature and add your system information:


• Logic version and sub-version (e.g. Logic 10.0.5)

• OS X version and sub-version (e.g. OS 10.9.1)

• Computer (e.g. MacBook, Mac Pro, iMac)

• Processor (e.g. 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo)

• Memory (e.g. 2GB)

• Audio interface manufacturer and model (e.g. Presonus AudioBox USB)

• MIDI Controller manufacturer and model (e.g. M-Audio Axiom Pro 49)


(most of that information can be found by choosing Logic Pro X > About Logic Pro X, and  > About This Mac)


Thank you.



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its happening with logic 10.0.6, the last updated version. To be honest, Im not sure, but i think it did not happen with logic 10.0.5, therefore there i could not crossfade several audiofiles at once, what a drag..!
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