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What audio interface should I get?

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I am ready to retire my Digi-002 that I am using with Logic and update to something better/newer in my home studio. I have Protools in my work/office studio and would like to have it at home as well. I am looking for an audio interface that works well with Logic with low latency when recording and a decent sound. No more than two or three mic inputs and a couple line inputs needed. But should also run ProTools 11 occasionally. Any insights?!


Been looking at...

-Presonus fire studio

-Motu 8pre

-Focusrite Sapphire Pro 40

-Digi Mbox Pro


Any thoughts on these or other better options? Under $600 hopefully.


Oh yeah, and I been running Logic 9 with a mac mini 8 gigs of memory. (Will upgrade to Logic X though)


Any experience or insight appreciated!



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Thanks for the input.


I realize that Pro Tools is always going to be the best with Avid hardware. I really want the hardware to be what works best with Logic but also works ok with Pro Tools.


Does the Avid Mbox Pro work well with Logic? I can't really find any info on that anywhere.


Triplets do you use the Motu?

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The problem is, given time and exposure to many interfaces, you will always stumble upon some issues, even with the best of the best. Still some interfaces are more robust, better built, have better circuitry, better driver support and updates from the manufacturer, etc...


I've had mostly good experiences with various Presonus interfaces, only one bad experience once with a driver issue (the driver wouldn't connect to the box).


I've had some minor issues with MOTU interfaces (which were a few years back, I haven't used MOTU since): on a few rare occasions I've had a MOTU interface starting to produce a high frequency beeeep (not feedback, an electronic noise) and at first I could not figure it out. I called MOTU and it turned out that a hardware reset fixed the problem. If you google it, it turns out it's not an isolated issue: https://www.google.com/search?q=motu+beep ? Later when I've been in that situation again I've done hardware resets and it solved it. But those were rare occasions and the rest of the time, MOTU makes reliable gear that lasts.


I wouldn't touch AVID/Digidesign interfaces with a ten foot pole (I used to own a Digi001). They have a history of being very slow at updating their drivers and having all sorts of issues with their Core Audio driver (the one you need to use to connect them to Logic). They work fine for Pro Tools.


I've had an issue with a Mackie Onyx once, which wouldn't connect to the Mac. The problem was solved by purchasing a FireWire card - somehow the Onyx wouldn't connect to the Mac's FireWire bus.


If you have the budget for it, consider RME or Metric Halo which are the next step up.

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Thanks David for the thorough response. I am good problem solver just don't enjoy picking new gear. I work full time as an audio engineer so am always on Pro Tools HD somewhere so don't have a lot of experience with other interfaces. The Halo looks nice for my home setup, I was afraid someone would talk me in to spending more money!!
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This is a great thread, I have an old M-Audio FireWire 410 that was giving me fits after connecting it to my MBP (upgraded to Mavericks without thinking about it- as the 410 was fine with my old G5 studio machine running Pro Tools 8 and Ableton).


What worked was actually daisychaining the soundcard (with extra 400 port) to my external HDD, where my files are.

My 800 > 400 adapter directly into the MBP never worked, after a month of trying and no device recognition, but on a whim I plugged 400 to 400 via HDD and was up and running with no problems. No latency issues at all.

It's an OWC 7200rpm 500GB drive, so it can definitely handle the load. But this may help some others that have had problems with older gear. Try installing the most recent drivers (1.10.5 m-audio release for me) and see what works if you have open, and connected FireWire ports..

The lack of support from a few companies after their mergers is weaksauce, but there are workarounds.


In the meantime, I'll be looking for a more direct/stable interface setup!


If you are using Pro Tools, you'd be best off with Avid hardware.

Especially at this point in time. They have left a lot of people in the cold.

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