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How do you guys deal with audio like this?


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Hey guys:


So I'm committed to a whole song with one synth. This has been a good learning experience.


I'm running into issues with the length of audio recordings.


I only have one synth I'm using, so I track one sound, make a few recordings with some minor changes in each, maybe one with the filter opening. I'm recording 16 bar segments. Making a full length track recording is not an option though now I'm thinking of arranging the song all with software and then recording the hardware in place after, for the full length for this reason.



See how my audio runs over. there is no reverb, or any processing on that at all. So if I wanted to loop, or just copy over this audio file, I'm going to have to cut it somewhere. Or I could make a new audio track and just start it where I want the other to end. That seems messy though. I guess I'm going to have to say my patches, and go back and track later after arranging the song with MIDI files, and software instruments.


Any ideas appreciated.


Workflow growing pains, right?


Thank you.

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