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Jay Denson

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SMPTE Offset


I have a movie clip imported. I want it to start at zero SMPTE.


Frame 1 of my movie clip happens to be at bar 2 3 1 165. In the Movie Project Settings - Synchronization dialog I see Bar Position “n” plays at SMPTE ’n”.


Here I would expect to enter 2 3 1 165 and have it offset to SMPTE 01:00:00:00


But I have to enter the number as one tick higher than shown in the LCD to get the SMPTE to zero in the LCD. Why is that?


Also in the Marker List (View - Show Event Position and Length as Time) I see the Length of each marker in the list as 00:00:00:00:01.

What is that telling me?


If I view as Length as Absolute Position I see the lengths as the SMPTE position of the marker plus one frame.

What is that telling me?


What I was hoping was that the Length column would compute the time between markers (for scoring purposes).

I don’t see what the Length column is telling me.


Any clarification would be much appreciated.



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