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Constant click when adding an Audio Track and Ext MIDI


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I’m connecting my MOTIF XF8 to my iMac through USB (I found the same problem with MIDI, so I reverted back). I set my MOTIF so I can use the sounds on the MOTIF in LOGIC, and soon as I create a track with an External MIDI setup in LOGIC (this is to use the sounds from the MOTIF on LOGIC), I hear a note from which ever sound is set on the MIDI Channel of the MOTIF. Right now, I have my Channel 1 with Full Concert Grand, so I hear a prolonged lower tone.


Now this is where it gets interesting. I hear the same low tone whenever I try to record on that track. Then, when I add an additional audio track (say, to add a vocal), the same lower tone gets repeated on a click. Even when I’m not recording I can see in my DIGIDESIGN 003 RACK that my MIDI OUT 2 light indicator is blinking at the same rate as the click I keep hearing from my MOTIF.


You can imagine how profoundly annoying this could be. I’ve tried various MIDI setups on my UTILITIES on the XF, but with no progress.


Any ideas?


Configuration Info:


iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

OS X 10.9.1






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