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Asian instrument plug ins for Logic?

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Hi, I am looking for Asian instrument plug-ins that I can add to my Logic Pro library (I found some websites but am unsure of compatibility)... I need a range of Chinese, Japanese and Korean instruments, so any recommendations would be appreciated, specific or wide selection. Must be realistic/good quality!


Thanks in advance :)

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You might wanna check out the products from East West Quantum Leap:


EWQL Silk: they have quite a collection of Chinese pitched instruments, also Persian and India

EWQL RA: A collection of ethnic instruments including middle east, Africa, Asian (Japanese, Chinese, India...)

EWQL Stormdrum 2 & 3: A collection of ethnic percussion and sound-designed percussion


For Kontakt instruments:

there are millions of it, Ethno World 5 is a pretty good collection of ethnic instruments & percussion. Also, World Percussion from Evolution Series are top of the notch.

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I've gotten a lot of good results with the SonicCouture libraries - GuZheng (Chinese), Samulnori (Korean), Gamelan (Thai) and Tingklik (Balenese). Their libraries are available in both EXS and Kontakt formats. I run them in Kontakt, just a personal preference.


The GuZheng in particular is one of my favourite sample libraries. I'm always finding excuses to use it.

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