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Force legato note working when opening Logic 9 file in Pro X


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I have recently upgraded to Logic Pro X and have a number of files and templates that I originally created in Logic 9. I have discovered that the "force legato" and "remove overlaps with selected" functions don't work with files that were originally created in 9. I have confirmed that they do work on a freshly created Pro X file, but the functions cease to work if I import screensets from a 9 project. There may be other functions that don't work but I'm aware of these as use them a lot.


Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, is there a way to fix this? I would prefer not to have to recreate templates.






Logic Pro X 10.0.6, Mac 2 x 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 24 GB of RAM, OSX 10.9.1, MOTU 2408 mk3.

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The files I am bringing in from Logic 9 don't have any MIDI regions in them. I am simply opening up a template and working from those. On those files, I am unable to "force legato" or "remove overlaps" after I have recorded MIDI. Copying them into a new MIDI region does not fix the problem.


If I create a Logic Pro X session from scratch, "force legato" or "remove overlaps" works fine. If I then import project settings from a file originally created in Logic 9, "force legato" or "remove overlaps" ceases to work. It works again if I revert back to the version I saved prior to importing the project settings.


It's clearly a bug, at least on my system. Has anyone else experienced this or would be willing to confirm the behavior by opening a Logic 9 session in X and attempting to remove overlaps?

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