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Most Efficient way to bounce Stems from Ultrabeat [SOLVED]


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New user here, long time lurker.


I'm using Ultrabeat in pattern mode, One-Shot Trigger. I created a pattern with 17 different voices and have a whole song recorded. I'd like to bounce each voice (Kick, Snare, Clap, etc.) to its own audio track. The end goal is to get each audio track into Pro Tools.


Currently, when I click on the "output" section for each track within Ultrabeat, I see seven stereo outs and eight mono outs. Because I need a total of 17 different outputs (right?) and 7+8=15, I'm confused as to how I'm supposed to bounce all this.


Also, would appreciate advice on the best workflow for doing this task. Thank you in advance - this forum has been a godsend as I've been learning Logic!! :D

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this might not be the most effective way but this is the way I do it...I go into the mixer and mute everything except the drum hit I want , then I just bounce the song so only the hit is being bounced , bounce it to WAV , then I go through and do it to all the rest of the drum hits I want
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Ultrabeat has 8 stereo outputs and 8 mono outputs.


Do you want 17 mono stems? You could route a voice to a stereo output panned hard left, and another to the same stereo output panned hard right.


You can then set the outputs of the various Auxes (some stereo, some mono) to busses. Now create audio tracks with their inputs set to those same busses. If you create two audio tracks with their inputs set to the same bus transporting a stereo signal, click-hold the format button (below the meter on the channel strip) and choose "Left" on one of them, "Right" on the other.


Once all the tracks are set up, R-enable them all and press record, Logic will print your 17 mono stems in one go.

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capt7, yeah, that works but it's really tedious! Thanks for the idea though.


David, yes that's super clear and helpful. And yes, I want 17 mono stems. I'm actually bouncing a preset logic pattern from an Ultrabeat drum kit. And with your help, I got it to work! Another post mentioned replacing your instance of Ultrabeat with the "multi-output" version and then following your directions, got it to work.


So even if all your voices are mono, you always have to do this workaround of routing some voices to stereo when you have more than 8 voices you want to bounce? I'm new to drum programming but it just seems weird on Logic's part to assume that everyone would only want 8 mono outputs when there's 24 voices in the instrument they are suggesting you use. Why not a total of 24 outputs, stereo or mono?


I know it's nitpicky, just curious.

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