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Yet another basic midi merge question..


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How's it going? I am sorry to post yet another simple midi merge question.. but I must say I am frustrated by what is going down on my Mac Pro with logic pro x... I know something is wrong, or I am missing a very basic function because my midi merge function works perfectly on my laptop.. ( i just installed Logic on Mac Pro)


When overdubbing midi in join when cycling mode or join with selected regions I do not get the desired result..


After overdubbing, the newly recored region hides the midi beneath it from the previous region, then when dragging original region back I lose the newly recorded midi data.. What is strange is that I have the exact same settings on my laptop with logic, both logic pro x, and it works normally, I can punch in, the notes are not hiding beneath, nor deleted if pulled out...


What could I possibly missing? Is there a setting, a merge button that needs to be on somewhere..


Like I said my settings of my Mac Pro mirror that of my laptop which work perfectly..


Very frustrating.. I hope someone can help...


Thank you so much!

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