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Marker List

Jay Denson

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I am hoping someone can explain the following:


Marker List (View - Show Event Position and Length as Time) I see the Length of each marker in the list as 00:00:00:00:01.

What is that telling me?


If I view as Length as Absolute Position I see the lengths as the SMPTE position of each marker plus one frame.

What is that telling me?


What I was hoping was that the Length column would compute the time between markers (for scoring purposes).

I don’t see what the Length column is telling me.


Any clarification would be much appreciated.



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The length column is showing you the length of the markers, and markers are 1 tick long by default, even when they appear to end where another marker starts.


You can resize your markers in the global marker track by dragging their right edge (even though they're 1 tick long, Logic allows you to drag the right edge of the marker where a new marker starts). So shorten the marker a bit then make it end where the next marker begins (it looks like you'll be shortening the marker for example by 1 bar, then lengthening it again by 1 bar). Now the marker has the length of what you're seeing in the marker track, which is the distance between two markers.

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Hi David


Many thanks for that.


I followed your procedure and (viewing length as absolute position unchecked) I get what I wanted - i.e. a computation of the length between markers if contiguous or the length of the individual marker if they are not. But I don't get the thinking behind designing it that way. It seems unnecessarily complicated.


Anyway, I can get it do what I wanted. Many thanks again.


Regards, Jay

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