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the location of a region...


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the ONLY thing driving my crazy in logic X...


in L9, if i clicked & held on a region (i.e. a backing vocal for a chorus), i would see the location of that region (i.e. 13 1 1 18);

then, say i want to copy it to measure 27, i could option-drag it to 27 1 1 18.


now, i have to start to MOVE the region to see it's location.


any thoughts? it gets messy if i move something, even slightly, THEN copy it to another location...with the 'wrong coordinates' (i just like the way that sounds..."wrong coordinates"...!)


otherwise, am loving LX, and having almost too much fun with it.



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weird. deleted prefs. and, after some googling...reset the tooltip time for os X in general. still, i HAVE to move a region for the location to show (but, perhaps...less movement needed than before...).


if anyone has any other ideas, let me know. has happened since LX 10.0...i thought it was a bug, and...never fixed (well, not for me anyway).

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Would you be using a MIDI trackpad app by any chance?


nope...nothing unusual in my logic setup (in fact, the same mac and interfaces etc since L9). my mac DOES have some customization...

maybe that's the problem.


anyway, will take a day sometime (eventually) to investigate more; am not letting it keep me from working!




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