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MIDI drum track - how to bounce parts separately [SOLVED]


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Hey everybody,


Really having fun delving into the new stuff in X. I just cracked open David's new book and right away found something to help with what I've been working on. That said, I'm temporarily stuck. I have a track of combined drum sounds I created with the Drum Kit Designer, and I want control over each separate instrument. For instance, if I'm working with a mixing engineer, and I'd like to send him all the toms as audio on separate tracks so he can process each one differently, how do I do that?


Maybe there's an easier way to approach this (probably!) but here's what I've done, so far:


I exported my Drum Designer file as a MIDI file, dropped it into the project, control clicked in the region and chose "Separate by Pitch." This resulted in what looks like a separate track (channel?) for each instrument, but if I solo one tom, for instance, all the toms are soloed, and if I mute one, all the others are too. What's the next step, if I want to work with each of the instruments separately?





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Hi Andy,


There's no need to export a MIDI file, you can convert the Drummer region into a MIDI region by Control-clicking and choosing Convert > Convert to MIDI Region. But even that is unnecessary.


Instead, make sure you choose one of the Producer kits, those use multiple outputs. Open the track stack and open your Mixer to see all the individual channel strips. Set the outputs of the channel strips to busses, and create new audio tracks with those same busses for inputs. R-arm the tracks and record.

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