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Can't fade regions, can't screenshot it [SOLVED]


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I'm trying to fade regions over various projects. I can't help but thinking there was an erroneous keystroke that i hit that turned a certain mode on, but some tracks i get the fade tool on, others i only get the Move cross. I'm using the ctrl-shift keys and it turns into the move cross. What happened here? I can't screenshot it for you because the tool disappears when i hit it. I've also tried using the fade in region parameters as well. no dice.
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Not all Flex mode, just Flex Pitch. Wether you call it a bug or an unfortunate effect of Flex Pitch, or an unfinished feature, etc... is entirely up to you.



- Fade, bounce in place then apply Flex Pitch.

- Flex Pitch, bounce in place then apply Fade.

- Cut the section you want to fade into a new region, turn off Flex for that tiny region and apply your Fade.

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