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Stereo Fader Missing in LPX Arrange Window [SOLVED]


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I've imported a project from LP9 and noticed that there is no Stereo output fader in the arrange window in LPX, it was there in LP9..




So I create a "new" audio track and LPX generated Ch 81 (my mixer has 80 channels). I selected "reassign track" to "Output Stereo -->Output 1-2" but I needed to toggle the automation button to see the automation already on that track (from my LP9 session).




When I go to the environment to delete the redundant Ch 81, the Stereo output fader / track in the arrange window disappears again.




I repeat the process, and this time I leave Ch 81 intact and save the session. When I reload the session, the stereo output fader is GONE. The automation still works but I cannot edit or see it...




Why does Logic X not display the output fader assigned in the mixer?

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Thanks again for the reply, David.


I tried your suggestion "Choose Track > Show Master Track" and my assigned master appeared.. genius! Thanks!


However it is situated at the bottom of the arrange page, and I'd prefer it at the top, where all my subgroups are.

Is there any way to relocate it? Dragging it (like any other track) simply makes it jump back to the bottom when released.

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