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Sum Return uneven from Dbox (orig file was even)

Jo Jo Dancer

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Hi folks,

Im a bit confused. I am running Logic X, Symphony i/o 8x8 w/ 64 card, dangerous dbox and an audio accessories dsub patchbay.


How this works, is i mix everything (in Logic) into 4 stereo "stems", they go out of Logic/Symphony via Dsub>Dsub input on Dbox, where everything is summed in the analog realm, then back out as a stereo mix via 2 inputs on another dsub>Symphony/Logic.


I noticed my drums seemed out of balance, and muted everything except the drums. Sure enough, the drum stem going out of the Symphony is perfectly even, however upon returning to Logic (from dbox) the strereo stem needs to be panned -29 to get it even. Of course it looses all punch doing that, so I dont even have a workaround.


Ive used different sets of XLRs out of the dbox, to see if it was the actual cabling. No dice

I've used different strereo stems (bass) that leave the DAW even, they also come back uneven

I've used different output pairs (Drums usually go out 1-2, so I tried 3-4, no difference)

I've bypassed the patchbay, plugging the dsub that would normally go to the patchbay and feed the Symphony my summed output from the dbox, stright into the Symphony. no difference.


With the dbox, i can monitor exactly what is coming into its summing inputs form Logic(pre-sum), as well as the summed stems back in Logic.(post -sum)


The pre-sum is even, the end product (post-sum) back in Logic is uneven.


Is there anything in the Logic i/o that i should look at to see if there is a fader or pan pot outta whack?


Is there an enviroment window I don't know about in X that might somehow have tracks defaulted to a weird pan setting?


It just seems odd that it would be the dbox, only because i dont know of any settings having to do with the dbox that would effect the balance of the summed output. (there are 2 pan pots on the dbox for trx 7-8, so you can use those as 2 mono outs, but for the purpose of this thread, I am not using anything through 7-8, to avoid any confusion)


thanks, in advance,


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OK. so on my patchbay, i routed symphony out 3-4(that are normally normalled to the dbox input) to the symphony 3-4 in, then in logic, set up a channel that accepted the return (On 3-4) then output that on 1-2.


everything stays level through that whole round trip(as far as the meters on the symphony say).


Also I should state that the 7-8 on the symphony (my sum output from dbox) still shows the initial uneven return I was originally posting about.


thanks for your replies!


now what?



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Just want to check that I am not misunderstanding something.

Connecting through your patch bay is working when going out 3-4 --> in 3-4 on the symphony. (Dbox not connected)


What happens if you connect out 3-4 ---> in 7-8 on your symphony (Dbox not connected)?

If that works fine you can disregard the Symphony as the culprit.


Try connecting the symphony directly to the Dbox to se if the problem lies with the patch bay.

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Hey Eric,

I don't think I understood exactly what you meant when you suggested using 3-4 and seeing what that did. I did, just last night route the drums(which are routed thru "stereo out"(1-2)and are uneven when there) thru 3-4 and that evened it out, although the meters of the symphony still show uneven levels on the 7-8 input.

Maybe just a side note, or not: when I am on the hard drive I am discussing here, and I am playing an iTunes song and logic is open , it routes thru logic(at least thru 7-8 in and 9-10 out) and is uneven whether I'm on the"sum" or "daw" setting on the dbox. When I go into maestro and switch the "spdif coax. 1-2 mirrors" from its normal setting of "optical 1-2" to "analog 1-2", it evens out.(as does whatever is routed "stereo out"(1-2). The meter on the symphony still registers even on analog out 1-2 , and uneven on analog in 7-8.

Here's an odd one. When I switch hard drives and fire up iTunes, it doesn't even read on the symphony meters at all. Makes no sense. I am starting to lose my marbles over here.

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