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cheers david, much appreciated comment there! im still trying to find what im good at, and i think im going towards the melodic drum and bass side now.


right heres what i used



-kicks, first one is a 909 kick sample, main one is a deep kick sample

-snares, first one is a brushy snare sample, and the main one is a bright snare sample (all of these came from a CM magazine a while ago)

-crashes, i samples my 16" zildjian dark crash (recorded with an se1 mic)

-for the breaks i uses the esx sampler on several tracks with pop and jazz kits on playing grooves and ride patterns, then i heavily compressed them and put a HP filter to get rid of the interfering bass.



Es2 [presets], sine bass, everlasting lead, punch trance bass

EXS for atmospheres and pads and suchlike things




"loud noises!" sample courtesy of anchorman! :)


glad you like it, any suggestions for improvement?


cheers harry

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