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Frozen tracks


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I am currently going through freezing all the tracks in all my projects because that is the only way to get a Null test to work. But the problem I am facing is when I freeze all my tracks (in pre-fader mode) I get this "(-10010) Disk is too slow or System Overload" message that pops up and stops the playback of my song. I am extra confused because I thought if anything freezing tracks is supposed to decrease the amount of work your HD has to do to playback the music plus my buffer range is as high as it can go 1024

...I attached a screen shot or the pop up...


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The process buffer range is set as high as it can go, 1024


Sometimes it is my HD that spikes into the red and sometimes it is the CPU that spikes into the red. My HD meter definitely does more moving up and down throughout playback of most songs while my CPU kinda stays very low with minimal movement until it just jumps all the way up into the red and I get a system overload message. But like I said sometimes it is my HD that jumps into the red and causes the message.


When I freeze almost all of my tracks on a project (that I need to freeze to prepare for a Null Test) it usually happens where the CPU is the one that spikes and causes the "System Overload" message to pop up...

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