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Aux routing volume/effects wetness


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Hello, I am pretty new to Logic and I am a former FL user. Basically what I want to do is apply the same guitar rig effect to the guitar and bass, and then automate the wetness so it increases from 0% to 30% and then back down to 0%. So I noticed that when you increase the send to the aux it increases the volume, so do I have to decrease the volume on the guitar and bass to get it back to the level I had? I just want to increase the effect wetness, not the volume.


So basically, I just need a basic formula to do this. How much do I increase the send by? Do I just set it to 0.0? And, to increase the wetness of the effect, from 0 to 30%, what do I start the db's on the Aux to, and what do I increase it to?


I know this is probably pretty obvious but it's just confusing me right now so I would appreciate any help. Thanks a ton.

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