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resize midi region to fit content


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I took a break from Logic for a couple of years and am now on Logic Pro X.


My question is this:


How can I adjust the size of a midi region to reflect its content?

(For example, I have a region that is 3 bars long, but it contains just a quarter note somewhere in the middle. I now want to resize the region so it's just as long as the quarter note.)


As far as I remember, there used to be a key command that did just that, but I can't find anything alike.


Thanks for any enlightenment. :idea:

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The key command is there but it is broken at the moment.


Set Optimal Region Sizes Rounded by Bar


It will trim the ending but not the start of the region.


What I would recommend is to use the Marquee tool to select the portion with your note then choose Edit > Trim > Crop Regions Outside Marquee Selection or it's key command.

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