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Consolidate / Bounce Region In Place Issues


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I can't seem to remember how to achieve this but when I bounce in place my snare/claps for example that start on 1 2 1 1


I select a cycle length, bars 1 - 8 inclusive, click bounce region in place, name it etc etc and when it has done it is not pre filling 1 1 1 1 so when I am copying over I am spending (wasting) time ensuring that the position is correct rather than just dropping it at the start of the next section 9 1 1 1 for example?


I know in Pro Tools it's called Consolidate tracks and it will create a complete track from 1 1 1 1 to 9 1 1 1 inclusive and i'm sure i'm missing something obvious but can't seem to remember.


Thanks in advance


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it will bounce in place from wherever the actual audio starts and ends. put all the audio you want to bounce in place into a folder. select all the audio you want to bounce in place and then right click it. select the Folder option. then pack folder. my shortcut is Shift+command+F. not sure what yours is. but then when it's all packed in the folder and you bounce in place, it'll bounce the entire region from beginning to end.
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