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midi step input in piano roll


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When trying in some session to use Midi step input. (midi in in piano roll is on, then playing on keyboard)

Logic doesn't respond. only if I go in list/event, then press midi in there for quite some time. Then it works.

a bit of nuciance.

Is it a bug?

It seems to come when using a video with logic….I think….


OS 19.8.5.

2x2.26 quad

48GB ram

Mac Pro

logic X latest update.

digirack 003

many, many plug ins.

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OK. Yes I already do all this. But in this particular session it does this, all the time. I have to press the midi in button in list/event view for sometime, then I can play and make step inputs.

have you tried combined with a video import?

It seems that this makes logic 10 behave strange.

I currently have serious issues with logic freezing in playback when importing quicktime movies. They are in H264.

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yes and strange now I created a new session with a video and it works normal.

Here an important question, because og the other issue with freezing:

in the project settings, synchronization, I had set the SMPTE position to be different than Bar1.

That is quite normal, but the color check the count in etc is about one minute, so the bar one didn't start until about a minute into the film.

Is that maybe a problem?

Now I have cut the most of the pre film material out and only have the short 10 to0 count in and then starting at first frame.

This seems to maybe have solved the issue about the freezing f playback when using video.

Any idea about this?

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