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Force split mono to interlaved?


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Any way to convert two regions to "stereo file"?


I'm importing a project from Avid, and video guys always send me channels separated.


I don't want to bounce because I want to keep the handles, and I don't want to have an Aux spent just for it. Seems so mundane

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So if I understand you, you want to interleave the audio without actually interleaving them... Mundane indeed :wink:

Lol :) perhaps I phrased it badly.

There are a few options to interleave files:

- bounce

- convert split to interleaved in audio bin (but filenames have to be .L and .R if I recall)


I want to convert split to interleaved in audio bin without the files having the right naming scheme. Meaning, i want logic to take two files and make a stereo file for me, regardless of which two files are they. (they are stereo pairs, but anyway)

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Do your files come in from the video guys with .L and .R extensions? That is very important. Form the Logic 9 manual:


Converting Split Stereo Files to Interleaved Stereo

You can convert two (split stereo) audio files into an interleaved stereo file in the SDII, AIFF, or WAV format. This is useful if you want to use a split stereo file in another application that only supports interleaved files.


To convert split stereo files into interleaved stereo files

Select the audio files in the Audio Bin.


Choose Audio File > Copy/Convert File(s) from the local menu (which is also available by Control-clicking the Audio Bin or using the corresponding key command).


Choose Split to Interleaved in the Stereo Conversion pop-up menu.


Type in a filename, browse to a folder location, then click Save.


Note: This only works for split stereo files. You can’t use these commands to combine two mono files into a stereo file.

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