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Autotune 7 available, but wont load in old sessions!


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Hi Guys,


I just updated my system from Logic 8 to Logic X on Mavericks.

When Im now opening my old sessions Logic X wont open Autotune in my channels of all my old sessions. But Autotune 7 - 64Bit NOW shows up under ANTARES>Auto-Tune 7 as show in the screenshot below. (I could open every single Autotune in every channel and manually load the settings for every channel and session, but it would be a pain in the a** to do that)





I really hope you guys can help me solve this issue, if not I wouldnt be able to load all my old sessions with the settings i used in these particular sessions. :(


Thank you very much.


Also contacted Antares Support, but no answer yet.

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1) Its constantly there in every old session I open. Antares AT 7 is available, but in every channel is the old AT Evo instead the new 64Bit version! (see screenshot)


2) I had Logic 8, no Logic 9 to open something in 32Bit Mode.



Anyone out there with the same issue?!?

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I have the same issue. Two weeks ago both Autotune v6.1 and v7 stops working. After installing Yosemite 10.10.1 today, Logic Pro X 10.0.7 didn't recognise all Antares plugins. I'm also using 32 Lives v1.0.4. Any suggestions?
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