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MIDI quirks in Logic X plugin with imported project from LP9


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I found out some MIDI plugins malfunctions in Logic X when opening projects originally made in Logic Pro 9.


Upon opening for the first time the projects in Logic X, on several occasions Logic will alert me that the plugin (i.e. Kontakt 4 and MH Haloverb) could not be found; leaving me with an exclamation mark in the plugin slot.

However, after re-instantiating them it seems to work as it was in LP9.


Some other times, the plugin will remain mute, although the plugin GUI shows MIDI IN activity. That happen with Logic's own plugins (Clavinet, B3 Organ, Electric Piano) as well as foreign ones (Kontakt 4, Lounge Lizard 4, Polysix, etc).

Sometimes also, I get stuck notes.

Again, after re-instantiating them, it works just fine.


My concern is that the problem could resurface at a badly crucial moment...


Anyone else had experienced such problem? Or even better found a solution?

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I don't know if this will help you but it solved my similar project with sections of my audio clips suddenly muting.


I imported a project and didn't realise that there was some mute automation written for the track.


I went into the automation track (mute) and found the offending info and deleted it - Problem solved!


Only took me about 3 hours to find it! lol



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