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Routing to record softsynths as audio in real-time?


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Hey all,


Quick question for you. In the past (using SX3) when I wanted to record softsynths in real-time directly as audio files, I would use a SPDIF loopback cable with my Ultralite. Send the synth channel out the SPDIF port, then right back in via SPDIF, recording the results on a new audio track.


When I switched to Live briefly for my production needs, this was even easier as I could just route the outputs of the instrument track directly to a new audio track, all latency compensated.


Now that I'm on Logic, I'm looking to do the same thing, record instruments like Sculpture as audio files, while I'm actually playing them. I find this a much faster way of working compared to boucing later on. While I can certainly use the SPDIF loopback method still, I'd like to try and find a way to do thi internally with Logic 7.2.3 if possible. I thought for sure I'd be able to rig something up in the Environment to handle this, but it seems I can only route to physical outs, Aux's, or busses.


Anyone know of a way to do this while staying within Logic?

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