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External midi control


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I've got myself into a pickle with trying to use Maschine as a control surface for LPX (in midi mode of course).


I've assigned a bunch of useful keycommands to the pads which is great but now as I'm trying to assign the rotaries to control the eight smart controls it just refuses to work. I'm trying to do it via the smart control panel by enabling learn mode on the "external control" and LPX learns the parameter alright but nothing happens when I turn the knob (cc values are displayed well and good under 'learned parameter').


Is there something I'm missing? The rotaries work perfectly when I midi learn parameters on individual synths using their midi learn function but I just cant seem to learn any smart controls. And by the way, even if I've assigned different functions to a smart control they always display arbitrary parameter names under the midi assignments menu window (eg. first smart control is always displayed as "threshold" no matter what i have it assigned to).





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