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Logic X - a few Qs


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Hi everyone,


I've noticed a few more little things that I was wondering if this is a known bug or something with my system. Or how it's meant to work under X!!


1) In the piano roll, with the automation visible, you used to be able to alt-drag a node and all following nodes will move when you drag it. Under X, it seems that it doesn't do this followed by Logic unselecting whatever region we were selected on. It makes moving automation quickly and easily a bit more difficult!


2) In the piano roll in a separate window, it also seems to be that when you left click in a blank area it auto opens the tools menu, rather than with right-click as I had set-up in 9. Is this a new feature or can I change this?


3) I have Logic Studio 9 full downloaded, but with the EXS Factory samples moved onto an external drive. Logic X doesn't see this and wants me to download just under 40GB of stuff, most of which I probably already have. Is there a definitive list of what's new with X so I only have to download that?


They're not the biggest of issues, but big enough that they're being a bit annoying when you expect it to work a different way.


Thanks very much!



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#3 You can choose what content you download by engaging the reveal triangle, and selecting the content you want.


There is a download for project compatibility.


A large part of the content is new, reorganized Orchestral library now supports Articulation ID feature.


Not sure if it's documented what actually changed, plus LPX has a new location for user added content. User/ Music/ Audio Music Apps


There are new behaviors, and key commands, at first I used my LP9 key commands, but found the new ones are easy to adapt.

( not at my machine now )


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1. It still works but it is buggy.

You have to hold down Option before you click and hold. Problem is that the region is also unselected. This means that you will end up with an empty piano roll when you let go.

You can of course unlink the piano roll to avoid this but it is not pretty.


2. I can not confirm this behaviour.

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