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Gear suggestions..

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Hello all..


I am at the point where I now need an interface and a midi keyboard/controller for my little home setup.


I am using a Macbook Pro (2011) and have a firewire and USB connectivity. My intentions are to be able to record live guitar, bass, maybe keyboard and some vocals separately and possibly together at some point. A jazz trio or quartet situation.


Drums will be software based.


I have about $1,100 (£650) to spend.


What might be my best options for an interface and midi keyboard/controller?


I'm thinking the interface needs to have firewire/usb/midi connectivity as my Macs spare USB ports look like they could get all used up pretty quickly.


Thank you. :)

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Ok, specify how many simultaneous mic inputs you need and that will narrow it down considerably.

If you need four you got the Motu 4 pre. If you need 8 you got the Motu 8 pre.

The Motu Ultralite has 2 mic pres but 6 additional line inputs and 8 outputs, very versatile for a portable interface.


The majority of those interfaces have midi connections.

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Hi Triplets...


I hear that Motu interfaces can be problematic with Macs. I also hear that their customer service and support are appalling.





I have been hearing great things about this unit though. Seems to have all i need.


Focusrite Scarlett 6i6



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I can not open that link for some reason.


This is what the link says:


Using a Scarlett Interface on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Some users have reported experiencing audio glitches and drop outs with the Scarlett range of interfaces since updating to OS X 10.9 Mavericks. If you are experiencing these problems with your interface, it is possible to utilise Apple’s USB audio driver by downloading and running the class compliant mode application below, while we investigate further.


Please note: After the class compliant mode application has been unzipped, please right click on the application and choose "Open". If you do not do this you may get an error message from the Apple Gatekeeper service.


Users of Scarlett Mix Control (6i6, 8i6, 18i6, 18i8 and 18i20)


Please download and install the latest version of Scarlett Mix Control from our downloads page before running the class compliant mode application below.


For users experiecing Scarlett Mix Control crashing please refer to this article.


If your Scarlett interface is not detected by your Mac after running the class compliant mode application see this article.


If you have any further questions or issues please contact us here.

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All of the initial issues have now been truly ironed out now. The idea behind class compliant is ease of use - A new customer for the Scarlett range will only have to download Mix Control (or no driver at all in the instance of smaller interfaces). At the end of the day, Apple's audio drivers are always going to be more stable with their own hardware than a third party driver.


The other issues eg Mix Control crashing/Interface not being detected are now fixed and will be put forward for release ASAP.


Hope this clears some things up.


All the best,



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