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Recording MIDI envents to existing Regions


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I have been using Logic "always" but this behaviour was one of the things that made me look towards other DAW's a couple of years ago. Now I have returned because Logic maybe is the fastest anyway.

But here is the situation:

I record a MIDI piano part to a track. I listen to the track while looking at the piano roll, and decides that 2 bars or so could be improved.

I delete the MIDI events in the piano roll editor rewind a bit and press play. On the right spot I play along on my keyboard. I press stop and my short cut for "Capture As Recording" and BAM both the original and the new recording disappears from the editor!

But I have selected "Join with selected regions" in my record Preferences, so why can't I use this record method?


If I use the record button then it works but my preference is always the Capture as recording feature that I like so much. I get so tirred :(

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