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Ultrabeat Slicing by Velocity


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OK - I know it's sort of an odd technique, but there's a way you can slice loops in UB, based on the velocity of a note.

In order to do this, it's best to have something like an Akai MPD or anything else that can do 16 Levels.


1) Pull an audio loop into the sample head of UB.


2) Place the min/max velocity sliders to their limits - Found near the left screen of the sample head.


3) Take the length of the sample in milliseconds, then divide this by 16.

- For example if your sample was 3452 milliseconds, you'd end up with 215.75 ms

- For this excersize you'd just round up to 220 ms.


4) Adjust the release of the sample to be 220 ms. This will ensure that the lowest velocity doesn't play the whole way through.


The idea being that you can now play different velocities and play different parts of the loop in respect to on another.


Of course this way isn't perfect, but it should offer some new inspiration to a beat.


It's also worth noting that this can make for rather exciting new techniques by repeating the above steps for different loops on different notes. The sequence would be recorded wth the velocity.




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