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Recovering values of plug-in settings w/out access to it


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I dredged up some old projects in an attempt to re-mix them and re-record some of the bits now that I'm better at all this. However, I found that I was using some old plug-ins (very early Amplitube JimiHendrix and Ampeg) that are now totally different versions and impossible to install as they were 8+ years ago.


As a result, I have guitar and bass tones that I don't remember how to re-create. In the channel strip, the plug-in just has a line through it and I can't open it to see any of the settings. I'm fine with reconstructing the tone with the new version of the plug-in, but I have no idea what amps/etc I used to create it in the first place. Is there any way to access the individual plug-in settings (as a text file, or just a text description, anything!) so I have a starting place?


What do others do in this situation besides cry and start all over from scratch?


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