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Ice Ice Baby Remix! Feedback Appreciated!


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I have listened to the song and al though I am not completely into dance music, I do listen with great attention. I am not perfect myself, and I make mistakes as well, but I hope you can consider my comments as constructive criticism.


- distortion starting at 0:08-0:10 and at 0:15 - 0:29 is a over the top (try to lower the distortion)

- in this same section the vocal should be higher up in the mix (as in, more audible)

- I like the chords/section starting at 0:32

- Increase the ”punch” of the bass drum starting at 0:39

- In my opinion you should remove the ”wind” sound effect at 0:43 (too cliche)

- At 0:48 the keyboards/synth is slightly overpowering in the mix (turn it down a bit I would suggest)

- Also the effect that you applied on the synth (”pounding” effect) is nice, but as it goes on for a long time, it is too much. Try to leave the effect off (or try another type of effect)

- Synth at 0:55 should be a bit brighter in the mix (EQ it)

- Try to reprogram/mix the snare drum starting at 1:11 (it sounds like a machine gun). A bit of EQ-ing and just a millisecond of space between hit of the snare drum will make it sound better

- Again at 1:20 you use the same ”swirling” effect on the synth, and it gets boring after you hear it a long time (not easy to listen to)

- Use some ”volume automation” on the snaredrum getting back into the mix at 1:30 (or use a an EQ automation from low-high)

- After 1:35 you kind of lost me as you used the same effect again on the synth/keyboard. It is very confusing to the ear.

- In the same section the vocal gets completely snowed under (can hear it in the mix, but you should turn up the volume)

- Nice part at 2:28

- Volume automation (?) is too present at 2:33-2:40 (but the vocal level after 2:40 is really ok)

- Turn up and EQ the snare drum at 3:20 so it stands out more.

- Also the snare-drum built up at 3:36 should be more prominent in the mix (EQ it / higher volume / use automation)

- Same at 4:15 (snare drum should be EQ-ed , spaced a millisecond between beats to make it stand out)

- I like the outro (at 4:48) but use EQ automation (with regards to going from muted to bright)

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Wow thanks for taking the time out to feedback.


There are a lot of great pints in there, some of what I realized but didn't think they were that serious/obvious, just like the point on in crease of volume for the vocals. I couldn't properly figure out where to lay the vocals in this mix but listening through it again I think they just need putting on top of the synths.


I can't quite figure out what you mean bu the pounding effect on the synth though. I listened through it..do you mean the compression?


I agree with the noise point, I will use that less if at all.


The volume automation on the vocals was just to cut the sharpness of them coming in.


The snare is weak at 3:20 I agree haha.


Do you think the songs good though? Everytime I create a song I convince myself that I'm getting better but I'm not too sure I actually am :/ I have loads of ideas and melodies but no motivation or confidence to do it. Maybe I just need someone who can mentor me each step of the way..

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