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Adjusting kick drum start / end how?


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A kick and a bassline is often something you start with first. The kicks I have are sample based and I drag them into my project. However I have a problem looping the kick. It plays too fast so I would like to adjust it to play every 1/4 bar. I am searching, googling, and checking the internal help of logic but can't seem to find where you adjust this?


Anyone able to help? I am feeling extremely stupid and blind.


I am using Logic Pro X.

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There is no "best way".

You can use the loop function too if you want. Just make sure that the region you are looping is exactly a beat in length. You can bounce the region if the audio file is to short at the desired tempo.

Or you could bounce 4 hits so that you get a full measure to loop.

Or you can pack the hits into a folder and loop that...


Pick the workflow that make most sense to you.

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