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Easily move whole sections in Logic? [SOLVED]


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I'm sure this has been tackled before but I'm not quite sure how to word this questions, so I wasn't able to find my answer by searching.


I have a rather large project and I want to actually double the length of a sections and swap out another portion of the song with a later portions. What I've been doing is selecting all the regions, cutting where the section starts and ends and manually moving things around. This is really labor intensive and nerve racking, as I have to be very meticulous to make sure I haven't made any mistakes (left any regions behind, cut wrong, etc.) There's got to be a much simpler way, right?


Is there, like, a single wave file representation of the whole song that I can easily edit and those changes will be reflected on all the actual regions of my song?


Again, sorry for asking such a remedial question, but I just couldn't figure out a way to succinctly phrase it when I searched. Thanks again.

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Yes it can be nerve wracking! And there are different issues depending on whether it's audio or midi regions that you're moving around. Audio is simpler but MIDI regions may have overhanging notes that go into the preceding or following areas and you have to make choices about that.


Have you looked at the Cut / Insert time options in the Edit menu?


And no, there's no single wave file representation of the whole song.


Edit: Oops, David got there first!

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I know this was already marked solved, but thought I'd add: can't the OP also use the arrangement track (found in the global tracks) ? I just tried it now: I am able to create arrangement sections, and when I move them around, all of the regions within the arrangement section move. I am even able to duplicate arrangement sections by option-dragging. Wouldn't this method also work for the OP?
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