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MB Air for live Mainstage - will 8/256 1.3GHz be sufficient?

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Hi guys,


I'm currently working through a number of scenarios with the computers I use for (1) my studio and (2) live as I move into using MainStage with my live synth rig.


One of these scenarios involves using a reasonably cheap variant of MacBook Air for live, ideally an 11" so it can sit easily on a controller keyboard in the rig.


I'm wondering whether I can expect enough performance out of an MB Air 11" with 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD (to store a number of instrument libraries) in a live context running MainStage?


I run some pretty heavy instruments in the studio (and will be using these live, often with a decent chain of effects on them as well)... such as Omnisphere, Symphobia, Kontakt (hosting various libraries), Massive, Absynth - and these will be processed with Guitar Rig, Alloy 2, and others.

It will be important to run at a sample buffer of around 128 samples - or ideally 64 - without any dropouts or risk of audio breakups when I am playing live.


The two options of MB Air 11" with these specs I am looking at are either the current Haswell 1.3GHz i5, or a refurbished previous-generation 2.0GHz i7... while the Haswell chips are cooler and more efficient, would I still be better to go with the earlier-gen i7 for my purposes?


I'd love any advice you can offer, especially if you are running MainStage live currently with some of the plugins I've mentioned...




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