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Frame rate synchronization problems.


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Hey there,


I've been working on a 90 minute audio track for a movie filmed in 29.97 (or so Quicktime and Logic seem to think), but my Logic clock gradually drifts from my SMPTE timecode when I allow Logic to interpret the video in import. By the end of the 90 minutes I've got about 5 seconds of drift with the fps set to 29.97. When I set it to 29.97 drop frame, the drift only offsets to less than a second by the end of the film, but that's still not okay. When I play the movie file in Quicktime, there's no offset at all between the SMPTE timecode and the QT clock.


1. How do I fix this?

2. Will this in any way cause sync issues with my bounced session and the film at the studio? My audio syncs with picture no matter what frame rate it is, so I don't really see this being a problem.

3. Why does Logic's clock show a different time for different frame rates in the first place? Higher or lower frame rates don't make a longer or shorter movie. Shouldn't the only difference be the frames (00:00:00:XX)?


I'm sure there's a rational answer, but this is boggling my mind a bit. If I gave Logic a higher framerate than it was expecting, the only problem I could expect is that the video itself would actually be stretched out, but since my audio matches picture regardless of the frame rate I tell Logic, this doesn't make sense. (Unless Logic is stretching my audio every time I adjust it.)


Thanks in advance for any help I can get! : )

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