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Convert 48khz to 44.1khz... wihtout losing quality


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Hi all,


What's the best way to convert 24bit 48khz files to 24bit 44.1khz files in Logic?

I need to incorporate 48khz files into my 44.1khz session/arrangement!



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I looked into this awhile ago, and though I'm not an expert, I found the following.




Keep in mind that this was made by one of Izotope's engineers, but from it, I figure that the best thing to get is Sample Manager, which uses the same SRC as Izotope and Wave Editor. It's only $70 and it does batch processing - timesaver. You can search for SRC topics on different forums and see what mastering guys think; I found that they like the izotope SCR and some other more expensive ones.


Other than that, rbrain has a free version that might be worth a shot.



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