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Unnecessary software instruments when using Producer Kits


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Hey all,

When I open a Producer Kit, my Main window changes in some odd ways. I suddenly have around 17 tracks preset for software instruments that I don't need, and my audio tracks no longer show waveforms and the colors and the region names I was using. Instead they are a uniform green color and the region names are all "*Automation." Also, all the new Producer drum tracks aren't grouped together. The "Overheads" track is up where my audio tracks are. The last is a minor thing, compared to the other stuff, which is distracting and time-consuming, since my inclination is to hide or delete unnecessary stuff and keep a relatively uncluttered work space. Is this normal? Is there a setting somewhere I can change to keep it from happening?



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When I try to bounce my producer kit tracks to audio, Logic crashes. When I open the last auto-saved version, the Producer kit sounds I chose have been replaced, from what I can see. I went from using the East Bay kit to UltraBeat. I don't get it.
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